Artist Statement


I have practiced my art as a means of articulating my identity as a female artist and as a South African. This exploration of a sense of identity began with my academic research for a Masters Degree in Fine Art. I explored the topic of “Symbolism in Portrait Making”. This practice-based research engendered the development of a process of self-analysis, and later, led me to review the wedding ceremony as one of the rites of passage that determines a “female” sense of identity.


The enactment my own domesticity led me to research other cultural practices of domestic status. This led to a shift of consciousness from self determination towards a social conscience as to the socio-political practices that determine identity within the constructs of South African society.


My observations and experiences of change in the South African cultural and geographical landscape have directed my art making towards themes of conservation. My current art interests explore subjects of eco-consciousness that are often documented in both our local and international news media.