My art making in this body of work has served as a type of visual allegory in the construction of my identity as a “new South African”. I began my exploration with the theme of a “Domestic Diary”, and produced a series of still life paintings in the tradition of the Dutch ‘vanitas’ paintings. My interest then shifted from the record of possessions to the record of performance, and I photographed the sequence of my house cleaning routine. I had taken on this role of cleaning the house as an act of retribution towards the denigrated role of the domestic worker. I consequently produced a series of seven mixed media paintings, and a larger triptych of oil on canvas. The smaller canvases are constructed of sewn sections of fabric, plastic, leather beads and embroidery.

The imagery of the decorative oil paintings is supplemented by a documentary sequence in video. The installation of the painted and video artwork should be further accompanied by written subtexts and signage on the wall and floor of the exhibition space in order to articulate the artist’s encoded experience of this “woman’s work”.