The theme of this body of work, “rite* to wed!(bed?)”, is presented in various media formats. The theme of the wedding ceremony is represented as generic portraits, still life imagery, interior and garden scenes painted on canvas, video documentary, and mediated found objects.  The artwork articulates a personal and universal enactment of femaleness.

 In dealing with the idea of the construction of an identity, the artist has explored the theme of the wedding as a context for the enactment and transformation of self. Ceremonies of induction are universal occurrences, and the marriage ceremony is taken as one such process of initiation, or induction.  The enactment of the bride and the groom and the nuptial celebrations, serve as symbolic rites of passage towards adulthood and social viability. The artworks illustrate some of the iconography of the typical Western wedding accessories, with an ironic twist in the idiomatic titling of the artworks. For example, the portrait of the generic bride is entitled “Cinderella”, and the checkerboard image in the painting is extended as a  3D chess set entitled “The games people play”, acting as a ploy to conceptually extend the representation of the domestic  politics that are encoded in the marital state.