My practice based research for this artist book is prompted by my reading of the historical evolution of the idea of the garden, and my seasonal experience of the domestic garden that I attend. Media messages and movie themes that have occurred serendipitously during my research of this theme of the garden, were also as much a source of inspiration and entertainment as the staging of the actual social events in the garden. “Tapies verte” means “the green carpet”. Although associations of the red carpet are more familiar, as we view Hollywood’s glitterati at the Cannes Film festival and the hype of celebrities on Fashion TV, the setting of “the green carpet” in my own garden festivities has been just as magical and transporting. Weddings, teas, outdoor lunches and dinners, parties and presentations, all set the scene for a “magical carpet ride” on a green carpet. The series of seven short clips are a patchwork of images that, hopefully, trigger fanciful and familiar feelings of being in a garden.

I would like to acknowledge the collaborative input of Rudi Gevers, as technical director of The Video Scene.  His assistance in crafting the special effects of Pinnacle 14 software guided the mediation of the patchwork of visual material that I had collected. I would also like to thank Richard Bolleurs for his camera work, and Michael King for the musical component.  

I would also like to acknowledge the following references that have acted as a type of visual bibliography in the sourcing of imagery for this 7 part series of my digital artist book “TAPIES VERTE”. These iconic images are interspersed with my own video footage of garden scenery, as a “creative misreading” of the original narrative, and as symbolic “triggers” to the reading of my own narrative.

BOOKS: “Moments in Eden” Garden Photographs by Richard Brown
            “The Story of Gardening” by Penelope Hobhouse
            “European Garden Design” by Ehrenfried Kluckert
            “Osaka Prints” by Dean Schwaab.               
DSTV:  The movie “Alice in Wonderland” produced by Tim Burton
            The Walt Disney logo of the castle and fireworks
            MNET series introductory adverts
            The Paramount logo
            The Euro News logo and weather report and “no comment” clip  
            The movie “The Young Victoria”
            CCTV News documentary of Chinese Art Museum in Hong Kong
            TV movie review of “The Three Muskiteers”